Wednesday, 21 May 2014

£1 Polish from PS. Love (Primark's Beauty Range)

If you are a regular reader of beauty blogs or watch beauty videos you probably know this already but Primark has just released a new range of beauty products that, much like their clothing items, are super affordable.
The brand is called PS. Love and for a new brand, they have actually a lot of products.
The PS. Love line has:
- Nail polishes
- Lipsticks
- False eyelashes
- Lip glosses
- Pen-style lip stain
- Chubby stick tinted lip balm
- Eyeliner
- Mascara
- Brow pencil
- And a couple of eyeshadow palettes.

In this post I will be talking about the PS. Love nail polish. Much to my disappointment, their nail colours don't have names, which makes it a little bit hard and slightly confusing to talk about but we will just roll with it. The shade I chose to buy was the bright pink neon colour.
The nail polish is the cheapest product in the range at an amazing £1!!! As soon as I saw the
£1 sticker, I knew straight away that I had to check it out.

Packaging (8/10):
I have to admit that for the price the polish comes in a nice, sleek packaging. The lid works similarly to Chanel and Butter London polishes where you remove the cover to open the bottle. On the front you have a clear sticker with PS. Love written in gold which doesn't bother me. 

Brush (9/10):
I was not expecting to like the brush as much as I did. From my experience, cheap polishes usually have really flimsy, thin brushes so I was expecting similar quality from the PS. Love nail polish. My, my... was I pleasantly surprised when I opened the bottle and saw this wide, dense brush. It applied like a dream on the nail. With 2 coats my nail was fully coated.

First impressions:
The first thing that struck me when I opened the bottle was the smell. It genuinely smells like paint thinner. Not a pleasant scent at all. And even worse, it lingered on the nails for a solid 12 hours (even after washing my hands multiple times and applying a layer of top coat over it).

Finish/Opacity (7/10)
In terms of opacity, it is not as opaque as Essie, Topshop nail polishes and I definitely needed 3 coats to get an even finish (I normally only do 2 coats with other polishes). However, I will admit that for a neon shade this looked really bright and vibrant on the nails. Normally, to get a really neon colour on the nails you need to apply a white base to make the neon polish pop but with this one it was not necessary. The finish is semi-matte which I personally dislike but to achieve a glossy finish all you got to do is apply a nice layer of top coat (what I did on the pictures).  

Lasting power (9/10):
This polish lasted me 4 solid days with no chipping. I did apply a base coat and a top coat which definitely helped with the chipping but I was surprised that this polish lasted as well as other higher end ones (Topshop, Nails Inc, etc...)

Overall verdict (6.5/10):
The thing that truly put me off this polish was the smell. I am incredibly sensitive to smells and paint thinner smell really did bother me. I would only really buy another polish of this range if the colour was really unique, otherwise I will stick with Topshop, Nails Inc and drugstore polishes thank you very much.

You can find out more about the PS. Love on their website.

As of now, the line is only available at the bigger stores (and sadly you can't get Primark online :/)

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Have you tried anything from the new PS. Love range? If so, what and did you like it? 



  1. uau, beautiful pop of color... I wonder if that's gonna make it into the few portuguese primark stores...


    1. There is Primark in Portugal? I didn't know that... that's so cool :) x



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